X series Desktop water quality analyzer

Built-in large touch panel

Large, easy-to-read display, Easy maintenance with flat panel, Vertical, Can be hung on the wall, Vertical

Full content screen display

Vertical / horizontal screen switching display

Graphic display that shows the stability of measured values at a glance

easy-to-read menu screen

Can input characters and numbers by touch operation

Maintenance information is also available in details.

renewed sensor and electrode holder

  • soft lead
  • Easy identification by electrode colors
  • smooth operation

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X series lineup

touch panel type

Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter MM-43X pH / ion meter HM-42X HM-42X electric conductivity analyzer CM-42X

★ Built-in dissolved oxygen saturation calculation formula compatible with the new JIS (ISO)

custom LCD basic type
pH meter HM-41X electric conductivity analyzer CM-41X
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