NEW LINE UP Mylana-chan Maylana  MM-42DP(2ch)/MM-41DP(1ch) Portable Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter

optical dissolved oxygen probe MM4-DDO

◎ As diaphragm and electrolyte are not used, there is no need to replace. ◎ Adopted for JIS K 0102 Testing methods for industrial wastewater. ◎ It is possible to store in dry condition.

measurement by immersion of the main body, support BOD measurement. With protective tube removed, they can be used for laboratory /incubator bottle. * If incubator bottles are used for measurement, please attach blank cap that you can find in the accessories.


MM-42DP (main body)+MM4-PH (pH probe 1m)
+MM4-DDO (optical dissolved oxygen probe 3m)


MM-41DP (main body)
+MM4-DDO (optical dissolved oxygen probe 3m)

introduction video