Automatic titrator AUT-801

Various functions support quality control and research & development

Scalable System

Optional Detector Unit Turntable TTT-710 Automatic Sampling Device AST-3210 Turntable TTT-710 (second) Electronic balnce External printer EPS-P30 USB or RS-232C Electrode input 2ch available by standard Titration Burette ABT-8 or ABT-7

Supports Simultaneous Display of Two Lines

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    In addition to the standard configuration, the simultaneous dual measurement system requires separately a titration burette (ABT-8), a stirrer (ST-8), an electrode, an electrode stand, and an electrode holder each.

System Example

  • Multi-sample Automatic Titration System

    AUT-801(single) + TTT-710

  • Dual Multi-sample Automatic Titration System

    AUT-801(dual system) + TTT-710×2

  • Multi-sample Automatic Sampling Titration System

    AUT-801 + TTT-710 + AST-3210


Analysis Solutions in Wide Range of Applications
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  • Food Processing
  • Chemical and Analytical
  • Plating
  • Electricity, Steel and Metals
  • Environment
  • Oil
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and Perfume

Application Examples

Food Processing

Acid-base titration Fruit beverages by set point titration
Acidity analysis of yogurt, etc.
Continuous analysis of acidity and formol nitrogen in fruit beverages
Analyze the emulsion (C3H6O3) concentration of the noodle processing solution
Total acidity and amino acid content analysis of sake
Oxidation-reduction titration Vitamin C concentration analysis in juices
Peroxide value (POV) analyses of edible oils
Precipitation titration Seasonings (soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, etc.)
Salinity analysis of dried sauce
Chelatometric titration Calcium concentration analysis in cornflakes
Calcium concentration analysis in nutritional fortification agents
Nonaqueous titration Oxidation analysis of edible oils
Analysis of Amino Acids by Perchlorate Titration Method
Titration electrical conductivity Sulfate ion (SO42-) concentration analysis
Acid-base titration
Precipitation titration
Continuous analysis of acidity and salinity of vinegar, mayonnaise, etc.

Chemical and Analytical

Acid-base titration Phosphate (H3PO4) concentration
Phosphate ester concentration analysis
With barium(Ba(OH)2) hydroxide.Fractional and appropriate amounts of barium carbonate (BaCO3)
By the sodium sulfite method Formalin (HCHO) concentrations analyses
Hydrazine (N2H4) concentration-analysis
Oxidation-reduction titration Analysis Iodine (I2) Concentration
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) concentration analysis
Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3) Concentration Analysis
Purity Analysis of Sodium disulfite (Na2S2O5)
Purity of ammonium persulfate ((NH4)2S2O8)
Potassium Ferricyanide (K3〔Fe(CN)6〕) Concentration Analyses
In hydrogen sulfide absorption caustic soda Analyses of Flowing Soda (NaSH)
Sulfur-ion (S2-) densitometry
Hydrazine (N2H4) concentration-analysis
Precipitation titration Salinity analysis in raw concrete
Chloride ion (Cl-) concentration (JIS R 5202) In Portland cement
Analysiss of low chlorine (Cl-) levels
Sulfur-ion (S2-) densitometry
Chelatometric titration In cobalt(CoCl2) chloride Cobalt ion concentration analysis
In basic copper base (CuCl2・Cu(OH)2) Copper ion concentration analysis
Nonaqueous titration Fractional determination of fluorine (HF) and nitric acid (HNO3)
Analysis of epoxy equivalents
Saponification number analysis
Titration electrical conductivity Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)Fractional Determination of Triethylamine ((C2H5)3N)


Acid-base titration Analysis of Borate (H3BO3) Concentration in Nickel Plating Solution
In permanganate solution NaOH (NaOH) concentration analyses
Separate determination of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) in cadmium cyanide plating solution
Oxidation-reduction titration Chromate (CrO3) concentration in the plating solution
Analysis of Sn2+ content in solder plated solution
Analyzing Sodium Hypophosphite (NaH2PO2) In nickel sulfamate plating solution
Rochelle salt (KNaC4H4O6) concentration-analysis In the bronze plating solution
Precipitation titration Nickel-chloride (NiCl2) concentration In the nickel plating solution
In the bronze plating solution Sodium cyanide (NaCN) concentration
Chelatometric titration Nickel (Ni) concentration-analysis in nickel-plating solution
Lead(Pb) levels in solder plating solution
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Concentration in Zinc Plating Solution
In cadmium blue plating solution Cadmium(Cd) level analysis
Copper (Cu) concentration-analysis in bronze plating solution
Nickel (Ni) concentration-analysis in nickel-plating solution (Reverse Liquid Constant Method with Copper Ion Electrode)
Acid-base titration
Chelatometric titration
Precipitation titration
Borate (H3BO3) in nickel plated liquid,
All nickel (Ni) and nickel chrolide (NiCl2),
Sequential analyses of nickel sulphate (NiSO4)

Electricity, Steel and Metals

Acid-base titration Acid concentration analysis in the etchant
Fractional Determination of Total Acid and Iron in Stainless Steel Treatment Solution
Determination of Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) and Copper (Cu) Concentrations in Print Board Etching Solutions
Analysis of Free Hydrochloric Acid Concentration in Mask Treatment Solution
Acid-concentration, aluminium(Al)-concentration analyses in chemical conversion agents
Ammonium fluoride (NH4F) concentration Hydrofluoric (HF) in the etchant
Densitometry of oxalic acid ((COOH)2) in an etchant
Oxidation-reduction titration Copper-ion (Cu2+) densitometry (JIS M 8121)
Chromium ion (Cr6+) densitometry
Cobalt-ion (Co2+) densitometry
Analyzing Titanium(Ti3+, Ti4+) Density in Etching Solution
Analysis of Fe-ion (Fe2+) Concentration in Pickling Solution
Sodium Thiosulphate (Na2S2O3) Concentration Analysiss In the desulfurization solution
Analyzing the Concentration of H2O2 in Chemical Polish Liquid
Densitometry of oxalic acid ((COOH)2) in an etchant
Precipitation titration Chloride ion (Cl-) concentration-analysis in fluxes
Thiourea ((NH2)2CS) Concentration Analysis In the continuous surface treatment solution
Concentration of thiocyanate(SCN-) in desulfurized liquor
Analyzing Silver Ion (Ag+) Concentrations
Chelatometric titration Nickel(Ni) concentrations in etchants
Purity-analysis of zinc-oxide (ZnO) (JIS K 1410)
Lead-ion (Pb2+) Density Analysiss
Analysiss of high-purity strontium chloride (SrCl2) concentrations
Copper(Cu) Concentration in Chemical Polishing Liquids
Nonaqueous titration Acid value analysis of the flux
Hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the surface-treated solution, Fractional determination of hydrofluoric acid (HF)


Acid-base titration Alkalinity analysis of the upper and sewage
Acidity analysis of upper and sewage
Oxidation-reduction titration Residual Chlorine (Cl2) Level Analyses of Upper Water
Analyzing Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) Consumption
Dissolved-oxygen (DO) concentration analyses of seawater
Precipitation titration Low concentration sulfuric acid (SO42-)concentration analysis (JIS K 0103)
Chlorine-ion (Cl-) analyses of surface water
Chelatometric titration Total hardness analysis of clean water
Calcium(Ca) in tap water, Fractional determination of magnesium(Mg)


Acid-base titration Control of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Amines, and Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3) Levels in Desulfurized Effluent
Precipitation titration Control of H2S levels in desulfurized effluent
Chlorine-ion (Cl-) analyses of desulfurized effluent
Nonaqueous titration Acid value analyses of engine oil (JIS K 2501)
Base Value Analysis (JIS K 2501) of Engine Oil
Acid Number Analysis (JIS K 2101) of Electric Insulating Oil
Analyzing Vinyl Acetate (C4H6O2)
Analysis of the carbonyl value of fats and oils
Bromine Value Analysis (JIS K 2605) of Petroleum Products

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and Perfume

Acid-base titration Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) concentrations in stomach drugs
Oxidation-reduction titration Purity-analysis of sodium sulfide (Na2S)
Precipitation titration Analyzing Benzethonium Chloride(C27H42ClNO2) With sodium tetraphenylborate
Chelatometric titration Analyzing Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) Concentrations in Stomach Drugs
Magnesium-oxide (MgO) concentration-analysis of stomach chemicals
Analysiss of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3) Concentrations in Gastric Medicines
Nonaqueous titration Ester value analysis of cosmetic perfumes
Acid value analysis of cosmetic perfumes
Cyclohexidin Gluconate (C22H30Cl2N10) Concentration analysis
Ethyl Aminobenzoate(NH2C6H4COOC2H5) Concentration analysis
Titration electrical conductivity Sulphate (SO42-) density analyses